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Internet Banking

It’s the fast, easy, and safe way to bank…and it’s free! 
Log on to our website from any computer and manage your finances when it is convenient for you—anytime-day or night.

With Internet Banking You Can:
  • Bank anytime, anywhere
  • Access all your accounts to check balances, view detailed account information, and review your transactions *
  • Transfer funds between accounts *
  • Make loan payments
  • Download your transactions into your personal accounting software program

* Certain restrictions apply—see the Internet Banking Services Enrollment agreement for a full explanation of benefits and restrictions.

Getting Started is Easy
Complete a short enrollment form and you are on your way to enjoying the ease and convenience of internet banking. Click the online banking tab to access the enrollment form and to login to your account.

Choosing Your User Identification (ID) and Password
Your Internet Banking User ID will give you access to your bank account(s) through the Internet Banking Service.  You will receive an initial User ID and password from Richland State Bank.  When you first log in, you will be required to change both.  Your communication from the Bank will explain in further detail.  Upon establishing a new User ID and Password, you agree to:
  • Not disclose your User ID and Password or otherwise make it available to anyone else;
  • Use your User ID and Password as instructed in the account disclosure;
  • Immediately notify us of any loss or theft of your User ID and Password; and
  • Be liable for your User ID and Password and for its authorized use and for its unauthorized use as described in this Agreement.

Internet Banking is Secure
We utilize the latest encryption technology and several other safety features to ensure your account information is secure. For more information call us at (605) 627-5671


Print out an application now and fax it to us at your convenience.


Not sure what you can afford? Check out one of these financial calculators to get you started. Call us for additional help.


Check Reorder

Re-order your checks online through Liberty Checks. You can also order accessories or check the status of an order.

Check Reorder


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